Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Phantom of the Opera!!

So here it is, the whole reason we decided to visit Vegas in AUGUST!!! Seeing Jason go on as Raoul in Phantom of the Opera! And he was incredible!!!! He was on stage virtually the whole show - singing his heart out and completely blowing our minds. I mean, we knew he was a good singer - we'd heard him before - but every single one of us sat in that audience without words to express just how amazing he was. Production value was through the roof. It was (by far) the most thrilling theater experience I've ever had. (And I've seen CATS!)

Just poking around the front of the theater, trying to make it obvious that we know a guy.

It's just not every day that your next door neighbor performs on stage in Vegas! (as something other than a topless Jubilee dancer)

We're so excited we can hardly stand it. In fact, I didn't post any pictures of me because my smile was freakish. I was entirely too excited to smile normal. (I looked like a coked out Hollywood socialite, fresh from the plastic surgeon's wasn't pretty!)

Here we all got to pose with the super star after the show. can sort of tell how deliriously excited I am. Apparently I show a LOT of TEETH when I'm happy!!

Just checking out the Venetian - which was GORGEOUS! This guy is actually singing at the top of his lungs. The couple in the boat seemed un-impressed. Which made me wonder why they felt the urge to go on a boat ride in the first place. It's Vegas, baby...they're gonna sing to you!

Mom and dad - who have been to actual Venice, but found this experience equally delightful.

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