Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Grandma turns 91!

Exactly one month ago, we were in Muskogee to help celebrate my Grandma Lallier's 91st birthday. Dale and Patty flew in from Weston, MO, along with Grandma's Sister-in-Law, Aunt Stattie. I happened to be recovering from my appendix surgery, so I did a lot of observing (and complaining that I couldn't lift or carry any of these precious bundles.) Shannon took these pictures, but I'm going to try to add mine tomorrow. Some of my very favorites were on Sunday morning at the game table. Nana Kay played "Pigs" with her 4 grandchildren and we could hear the careful instructions and scorekeeping from the other room. It was absolutely the cutest thing I'd ever heard.

We also enjoyed sweet corn from Cary's field, sipping water from the sprinklers, and reading stories to kids in jammies. It was a perfect weekend:


Phil said...

Pig Mania!! I love that game... we used to play all the time when I as kid. Double-leaning jowlers all the way, man! Awesome.

aWesthoff said...

Excellent...it's not just our family.