Tuesday, August 12, 2008

dinner last night

We had dinner at my mom and dad's house last night to celebrate Cory's homecoming.
Grandma Linda and baby Cory.

Troy and Bryce - who played a game called "I have a milk moustache...now I don't"..."Hey, where's that guy with the milk moustache? He was here a minute ago."

This was a moment after Troy "got" Delaney. Her retaliation was a version of crumpling the sleeves of his shirt in her hands while making a gargling noise.

There were 16.5 of us there last night. Here's most of them. From top left table: My dad, his brother Jack, Grandma Lallier (my mom's mom), Brandon, the back of Jocelyn's head; the next table: Jason's mom Joanna, my mom, Jason's dad Steve, Jason, Ryan's back; the next table: Troy (feeding Delaney from "the bean barge") and Delaney. Not in the picture: me, Cortney, Bryce, Linda, Cory - who were all inside watching Men's Diving.

Grandma Linda, Baby Cory, and Auntie Jocelyn (who was actually in the room when he was born!)

Bryce and Delaney eating ice cream at Nana Beth's kitchen table.

It was delicious...

...but messy. (I asked Delaney to scoot up closer so she wouldn't spill on Nana's floor. She figured this was as close as she could get.)

My favorite little buddy in the whole world.

The newly expanded family! (Grandpa and Grandma Kirchner; Bryce, Jason, Cory and Cortney Kirchner; Grandpa and Grandma Lucas; Auntie Jocelyn)

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