Friday, August 8, 2008

I will love you until I am really, really, really dead.

Mel and Dan got married last, two weekends ago! Geez. I'm really terrible at keeping up with this thing. So, as cute as Mel and Dan are - their vows were even cuter. And we all appreciated the fact that they took in to account a major zombie apocalypse. (according to Mel, there's a place in Jamaica where death by zombie is truly a valid form of death, printed on your death certificate and everything!) The entire ceremony was about 4 minutes long - which forever changed my views on long ceremonies. The shorter the ceremony, the more time you have for drinking and dancing - which is why people come to your wedding in the first place. Why didn't I think of that? So here are some highlights:

Getting some last minute advice from "The Clergy" - known as John, Mel's old boss at the movie theater...but it's cool - he had a hangy-tag thing.

Margaret - only two days out of the hospital with her brave intestinal battle!


"Do you?"

"I do"

"'re married!"

Half of our table. (The other half included two Gauses.)

The Westhoffs + The Bayouths!

+ Roady!

The (blurry) 1st dance. (It's because they were dancing so FAST! But mostly because my camera can't see very well in the dark. Neither can I. We get along very well.)

This is what happens when rented shoes pinch your feet.

A happy couple.

Another happy couple!

Nelson, Hamlin and Westhoff.

Enjoying her last few minutes with that gorgeous dress.

Enjoying the last few minutes of their fabulous reception.

That's it! It's officially time to go!

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Tina said...

First of all, yea! You have a new blog! I did not even know.

Second of all, you look gorgeous in that black dress.

That is all.