Monday, August 25, 2008

The Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street was awesome. I call this section "The Lights of Old Vegas" because we could see how amazing it would have been back in the Sinatra days. Men in suits with "dames" on each arm. Fewer street vendors making spray-paint art. We could also see how it would be really cool at night, but we got there around 5:30 and did our best to stall. The light show started at 8:00. Unfortunately, we were all starving and we wanted to have dinner on the strip.

I'm sure it's really nice...everything in Vegas just screamed "classy".

See that? Hot dog AND a beer for only $.99! Lady Luck, indeed!

This is Vegas Vicky. She represents the world's oldest profession (making men believe you really like them so they'll give you money).

This is Vegas Vic. This is where he hangs out when he's not eating IHOP.

Troy and Ryan were in the "Old Vegas" spirit. They found a kiosk with hats. Unfortunately, they were fresh out of EXTRA ENORMOUS size.

Whitney got in the spirit as well.

My sexy husband and the largest hat he could find.

Mom, Dad and the Golden Nugget.

It's true!

I was actually really disappointed that we didn't stop. It's the world's largest gift shop! How could that NOT be awesome?

The Stratosphere, as seen from the back seat of our mini-van.

Where Tupac got shot.

The strip...again, from the back-seat of a mini-van. I'm sure people would pay big money for this photo. It's so clearly awesome.

The Flamingo

Sunset over the mountains. And it was still 100 degrees...but pretty.

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