Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday to Jason!!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Vegas...all tan and trim - not looking a day over 22. Jason's parents flew him home from Vegas for his 30th Birthday. We celebrated his year older-ness by making a group painting that he could take home and hang on his wall. Unfortunately, when you put a whole bunch of non-artistic (slightly nervous) people in an art studio, you end up with a painting that you may or may not hang on your wall. It could go either way. Those elephants in Burma paint stuff all the time. Their paintings sell for millions!! We tried to remember this as each of us took a turn at the canvas.


Neuty said...

That's it, I'm officially boycotting this dang blog!* Until me and my wife make an appearance! Damn you Westhoffs, DAMN YOU!!!


*Not even a little bit true.

Anonymous said...

what a cute idea!

aWesthoff said...

no! no boycotts! I'm sorry. I'll be better. I already promise to post lots and lots of baby Neuty pictures on here!! And we just need to hang out or celebrate a birthday or something. Ga! Now I feel bad.

Jtforbach said...

I'll be the first to comment on this blog that has anything to do with the actual blog! Thanks again for everything on my birthday. I really appreciate you and am constantly reminded how you are such a wonderful friend. Can't wait to see you in VEGAS!!!! Party on!