Monday, August 25, 2008

Out and About in Vegas

Bright and early, The Westhoffs and the Claycamps headed out to see more of Vegas in the daytime:
We found a pretty fountain in front of our hotel for pictures.

A nice lady asked if we would all like to be in the picture. Then we accidentally purchased a time-share from Tahiti Village. Note to self: When someone begins a conversation with, "are you guys married? Is this your first time in Vegas?" it's not going where you think it's going.

M&M world, right across from our hotel. We didn't go in. In fact, I don't even think we crossed the street the entire time we were in Vegas. Hmmm...that MIGHT have been worth it.

MGM Grand - with REAL lions inside!

New York, New York. I became sort of obsessed with this hotel. I don't know why.

More New York, New York.

...and more New York, New York. (It must have been the architecture. And the roller coaster. And the huge statue of liberty. And the fact that it was all condensed in to one digestable city block. Real New York is sort of overwhelming, I guess.)

The Strip to the North (maybe?).

(which would make this) The Strip to the South (possibly?). It was hot. I was disoriented. And I suck at geography.

Excalibur! All I could think about was the Last Comic Standing challenge where they had to dress up like jesters and entertain a crowd of flag-waving, "mead" chuggers. I had to go in.

How did they KNOW?

Ryan got sucked in to some sort of moving sidewalk situation. As he pointed out later, they make it MUCH more difficult to LEAVE the casino. This one took him inside, seemingly against his will.

I won! I think?

If I could upholster any door in my house with red patent-leather, I totally would. But I don't have any doors this gigantic. And on the other side, there probably would not be any naked dancing girls. (I said, probably)

It's my love of typography...I couldn't help it.

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