Monday, August 25, 2008

Jason's house

On Sunday afternoon, Jason invited us over to his house for a cook-out and pool party. It was so sweet. He even made brownies for us. We got to spend some time with Tom and Marci too (Jason's parents) before they headed back to KC. After lunch, Jason showed us the Wii and I think that might have been a highlight for me. Just to watch Marci bounce around and cheer when her little player hit the ball. And! What a natural! I don't have pictures of the Wii sporting events, but here are some pictures of Jason's sweet digs. (A far cry from that roach-tastic apartment in Manhattan where his toilet flushed itself the whole time you were in the shower.)
The living room.

The dining room (with many yummy things set out for eating.)

The newly remodeled kitchen.

A super-crooked picture of the open-bar window situation. (in the cooler months, those windows slide open so you can serve food and drinks to your guests outside.)

The office (where we played Wii)

The zen garden between the living room and office. So cool!

So we didn't actually go swimming, but Jason also has a swimming pool. A much needed accessory in Nevada. MAN it's hot there! Did you know it's a desert? Whose idea was that?

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